Black lawyer to sue T.O. police after pullover

As the city reeled from the senseless killing of a teenaged girl in a year marked by gun violence, a dozen armed plainclothes police officers searching for her killer one evening last week took down a young black man.

Jason Bogle says the officers yanked open the door of his Lexus, in which he sat parked on a street in the city's west end, and accused him of having drugs and guns.

But they were wrong.

Bogle says he was unarmed and had no illegal substances. A Toronto lawyer, he had just finished celebrating his 26th birthday and was dropping off his girlfriend, who happens to be white.

"You don't solve a tragedy by making a bigger social problem,'' said Jason Bogle, who was left angry and humiliated by the incident.

"It doesn't make the city safer.''

The Boxing Day killing of 15-year-old Jane Creba as two groups of youths exchanged gunfire on Yonge Street in the heart of Toronto's shopping district incident has produced an increasingly hysterical climate against young black men, some black leaders say.

While religious leaders prayed...

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