Cops deny racial profiling, black lawyer sues
'A lot of people within the community have been galvanized by what
happened to me.'

Police cruisers swarmed a man's car last Wednesday on heightened alert after the murder of 15-year-old Jane Creba. The man turned out to be Jason Bogle -- a 26-year-old black, Toronto lawyer who says he is going to sue the police after alleging that he was a victim of racial profiling.

Bogle drives a Lexus and says he was parked with his girlfriend on a west end street after celebrating his birthday when six police cars swarmed them. He alleges that he was then accused of having a gun and drugs.

"To see not just one, but a number of persons running out of the vehicle and grabbing open your door while you're just sitting there parked is an event on its own," Bogle told CTV's Desmond Brown Tuesday.

As one of Toronto's youngest black lawyers, Bogle knew his rights and refused to let the officers search his car.

He then questioned the police on why he was stopped and was told that it had to do with the Creba murder.

"There was a direct reference made to the shooting that occurred on Yonge Street," he alleges.

Bogle says the shakedown was everything his parents warned him about when he was growing up and that ...

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