Black lawyer to file lawsuit against police
Jason Bogle, appears
on Jan 4th 2006 edition
of Canada AM.

A Toronto lawyer who says his car was surrounded by police who accused him of having drugs and guns will file a lawsuit Wednesday for the surprise shakedown.

Jason Bogle, one of Toronto's youngest black lawyers at 26, says he was sitting in the parked Lexus with his girlfriend

outside her house on his birthday, Dec. 29, when five or six police cars surrounded them.

Bogle said he decided to file the lawsuit after the officers allegedly connected the ambush with the Boxing Day shootings on Yonge Street.

Bogle told CTV's Canada AM he is one of many of Toronto's young black males who have received this type of treatment -- what he calls "driving while black."

"I think a lot of people seem to think that racial profiling… doesn't really happen, but here's a clear case where I was in a vehicle that was parked and I was minding my business and for some reason these officers decided to take it upon themselves… to investigate myself and my occupant," Bogle said Wednesday.

Bogle said the cars were all unmarked except one and appeared suddenly, flashing their high beams before surrounding the Lexus. He said the officers got out and lined both sides of the vehicle, while one opened Bogle's door, grabbed his shoulder and demanded...

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