Police deny racial profiling in lawyer takedown

TORONTO — Racial profiling had nothing to do with the takedown of a young black lawyer in the emotionally charged days that followed the downtown shooting of a teenage girl on Boxing Day last year, police say in court documents.

In a statement of defence, police strenuously deny the claim by Jason Bogle, who is seeking almost $2 million in damages in a suit against police that alleges his civil rights were violated during the incident.

"The defendants deny that the plaintiff, Jason Bogle, was subjected by them to `racial profiling,''' says the statement, filed late last month with Ontario Superior Court.

"The defendants deny that, at any time, they were in any way reckless or malicious in their conduct toward the plaintiff.''

The incident occurred two days after the horrific Boxing Day shooting of 15-year-old Jane Creba, which put the city on edge, heightened racial tensions in the city and ultimately helped influence the outcome of the Jan. 23 federal election.

Creba was out with her family on Yonge Street in the bustling downtown shopping district when she was cut down in an exchange of gunfire between two groups of youths.

Bogle, 26, alleges that he and his girlfriend were chatting in his parked Lexus ES 300 on a west-end street on the evening of Dec. 28 when five unmarked vehicles suddenly pulled up and surrounded his car.

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